Parish Council Meetings

Regular Meetings

Great Glemham Parish Council meets in Great Glemham Village Hall. There are generally 4 meetings a year: February. May, September and December. 
Meetings from 2020 onwards begin at the earlier time of 6.45 pm and are on a Wednesday evening. 
Everyone is welcome to attend all Parish Council meetings.
Public comment is often invited during meetings at the discretion of the Chair, additional to which, there is a public forum where any topic of concern can be raised by parishioners. For a full list of proposed dates for the 2020/2021 calendar year, please click on the Calendar of Meetings to review the information.

The requirement to hold an Annual Meeting of the Parish and the Parish Council Annual Meeting (AGM) in 2020 has been removed by new legislation. This in effect means the Chair, and Vice-Chair, remain in place until May 2021. 

The new legislation also includes the ability to hold remote meetings. These can be by audio or video link. Parishioners willing to participate are allowed to join the meetings just as they would in normal circumstances.

The next meeting may still take place by Video Conferencing at 7pm on Wednesday 9 December 2020, the agenda will be available 3 full working days in advance and will be published here and on the notice board. If you would like to attend the meeting remotely, please use the link on the agenda to access the meeting. Alternatively, if you have any questions or concerns you wish to be brought to the attention of the Parish Council, and do not wish to remotely attend, please advise the clerk no later than Monday 7 December by email or phone on 01986 798422.    


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